Getting to know me a bit

My name is Victor Sola, I’m an Athletic Trainer. I went to the University of Puerto Rico in Ponce and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Sciences in Athletic Training. I love writing and talk about everything. that’s the main reason why I create this simple space.

Why do this?

  • Writing is one of the more classicals ways to communicate and I love to write.
  • If I can think about it, I will write about it.

Here you can find topics from empowerment, sports, health, fitness, psychology, public opinions, open discussions and much more. If you don’t find a topic you may like, just let me know and I will do something for your unique taste.

I publish a few thing in english but sometimes you will find some articles in spanish, I try to stay close to my native language and be diverse. In some occasions you will find the same article in both languages, just for your delightment. This is a respectful space, help me keep it that way. Any thoughts? Let me know, I loved to discover new topics and new things to write about.

Don’t be shy, just let me know anything. Feedback, doubts, recommendations, new topics, contributions, questions, or consult anything, just send me an email to:

Published by Victor Sola

From Puerto Rico. Athletic Trainer and writer in development. Love to write. If I can think about, I will write about it. Open to learn new things.

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