One Thing I Learn Playing a Video Game

A video game tactic to my life, no joke.

A couple of years ago I bought a PlayStation 4 and I played sports games, baseball, and car racing, then I discover adventures and multiplayer online games and I started to change a bit. For online gaming you have to be a good player, but you also have to develop a personality. Yes, a personality, and you have to keep it real. Why? Easy, you’re a complainer, a bully, don’t respect others, or a toxic person, well, ain’t nobody online to play with you.

I found out that is almost like having a Facebook or Twitter account or any other social media. Everybody sees you, everybody invites you, people follow for whatever reason and that’s it. Is almost, almost the same. Here you’re having voice audio on the game, you actually have to communicate, hey, a lot of gamer’s have to be social, polite and competitive. Not an easy task, right?

Remember this, I will use it further in this reading: “A gamer need to be social, polite and competitive.”

Well, in my gaming quest friends started to talked about a game, that was awesome, they keep saying that I have to play it, and, they convinced me. Reality was, my ex-wife convinced me. She liked that types of game, and she even bought a PS4 for her and play against me, her brother, cousins and lot of friends of us. Cool. Back to the point, I bought the game, Call of Duty 4 Black Ops. Great game by the way. I started to play the game, and I was a little lost at the beginning in the game style, remember I play baseball and racing games.

Going through all the game options I started to call my friends, so they can teach me a bit more about it. In the middle of the quick tours we end up with twelve (12) guys online, counting me, ready to play. They introduce me to a game style that change a bit my life perspective. Yes, that addictive I couldn’t stop thinking about it and looking for tactics and strategies to become a better player. I searched so much that I end up comparing it to real life situations. We played a lot, hours and hours non-stop. One day we started to play at 7pm and caught up until 3am on the morning! I had to go to work! I slept two hours because I started my shift at 6am. But in my mind, worth it. That night I laugh so much that my face was, I couldn’t feel my cheeks, but worth it.

Now, let me explain a bit the game, so we can get to the point of changing my life. It’s call Blackout, there a games like it, PUBG and Fortnite for examples, but it basically goes like this, you started jumping from a helicopter and parachute to a place and you don’t have anything, your bare hands, so you become a scavenger. You have to start to pick up: weapons, bulletproof vests, health, trauma kits, accessories for your weapons, bullets, special skills, grenades, and all that combat-related without getting killed. Also, you have to be aware that the game space start to close pushing you to the middle of the place, until one player survive. Crazy!

It got competitive between all my friends that we create a Whatsapp group to brag about it. We’re a diverse group of people, in majority we’re all men but with have women players. A Mexican guy (crazy, funny and good guy, we love him), and a Colombian dude. Majority of us live in Puerto Rico and the others in the United States. We have different time zones, but we keep track of it and learned how to synchronize all together. It’s so diverse that professionally speaking we have a bit of everything. Tattoo designer, handyman, warehouse supervisor, TV director, TV technicians, federal agent, mechanic, athletic trainer, pilot, paramedic, aviation fuel’er, line service technician, cashier and students. You’re thinking about the ages, you said that we’re between 18–25 years of age, wrong. The youngest have 21 and the oldest 44. We’re a diverse group, diverse.

Do to this, we all have different ways of embracing a situation, we’re different, we all are. That’s one of the reasons you have to be social and polite, nobody thinks the same way that you do. You can see it on the gaming style. The game put you in that situation. You can play it one on one against 99 players or the twelve of us, but you can also play it in duos or groups of 4. When not playing by yourself you have to adapt to the others, here comes the important. The youngest the bravest, the older the cautious, but mixed up, you get an interesting game style. The most efficient and competitive player tries to be far from the others, meet the fewer rivals possible, so the scavenging is better and you get time and distance to move around and be in a better and advantage position. You don’t want to be the main event. That way you develop skills, you’re the last one in your squad, you have to survive for your team to get a better result.

Through all that combat situations you start to embrace different ways to react and attack. If you’re alone, let them fight between them, wait for them to be weak or expose and then you conquer, and that goes for the most of it. You learn from others and from your own mistakes, is a game, you lost, you start again, simple. In real life is not like that. Why do it changes mine?

Playing for long periods of time and months I started to see that the game style of each of us is a direct reflection of how we encourage situations in our real life. The way you adapt to the different personalities and styles is how you are in your life. It gets me to a certain point that I thought, it could be possible that the reflection could be the other way? How can I adapt to the situations on the game and have success and not do the same in reality? Could it be possible to put it the other way around? Can a game teach me how to be better in life? Know what? It could be possible.

Before of this I told you to remember this: social, polite and competitive. Now is the time to remember.

In real life we meet problems, situations and task that could affect our day, week, month, year and a whole life. Let’s put the gaming skills to the test. What we have to lose? It’s better if you try, you can learn from that. Now, social, you have to be social, you’re since you were a little kid. You had to share with your family and your neighbors. You had to go to all those school years and make friends. We’re naturally social, you forget about it. Polite, it’s a little more difficult, not everybody is polite, but you can learn to be. Your workspace make you polite. You can’t punch your co-worker because you don’t like him. You can’t scream back to your boss or run away from a problem, it will be there and you will have to face it to move on. See, nothing new, nothing different from one to the other. It’s a perspective point of view that we create it.

Competitive is the part that we need to understand. Not everybody born to be an athlete, play sports, video games, own their company, sale, not born to be a competitive person. We can’t change that, do not try to change it, adapt. You change some aspect of ourselves we keep the rest of it. It goes and the adaptation is more assertive. Because the change you’re trying to do goes and you can see and analyze the results and keep improving yourself to it. When you change too aggressive, to abrupt, and our brain doesn’t adapt that easy. The impact in our life could be the opposite of what we’re looking for. To be competitive you need to change the way you see your living situations and problems. That’s the point that gaming change my life, how I meet my problems and situations.

Gaming change me in how I meet my problems and living.

In our lives we don’t have to jump from a helicopter and kill people to win, neither we need to scavenge for clothing and tools. We have all that, we need to recognize what we want. Put priorities and understand that life will hit you, but you can have a chance to keep going and try again. We need to recognize our own lifestyles, once you do that you will have a more clear view of how you live, what problems do you have and will meet, what could affect your living and what to ignore. We’re trained to have a problem and respond to it, try to solve it as quick as possible, without taking time to analyze it. In gaming, you have to recognize, understand and then act. Why we don’t do the same in our life? Gamer choose their partners, so they can elevate the probabilities of winning and be better and unstoppable, we don’t do that in with our friends. It’s hard, I know, but we have to understand, we need friends that make us better, that help us to keep going and don’t let ourselves to fall.

Now when I have a situation I sit down and try to see what’s happening, trying to understand what get me to that point, how affect me, how important, what options do I have and what I could do about it. I try not to embrace it as I meet it, that’s our mistake. I see it like the game, do I need to get alone, do I have to kept silence to understand, do I need to see and learn, the solutions are already on my hands? Is a different approach to the living. Being social, polite and competitive. Simple.

Sometimes you have to write down your problem, read it, analyze it, understand it, recognize it, and put a possible solutions and how does solutions will affect you. You will be amazed with your results. Is Sometimes as quick as possible, if you’re in advantage do it, if an easy situation you to handle it before it gets complicated. In others, you have to think if you have the tools and what it takes to resolve the problem, not act on it, think about it. Once you get it, then you do your thing. But in other situations you have to do like in combat, analyze the atmosphere, are that in your favor? Analyze the advantages, do you have it? Analyze, do I have the tools and skills to deal with it? Think, its favorable the result to you? Think about: it will be positive for you, do you step up or take you down, do you learn something from it?

Do you get it? That’s the way gamer’s think. It’s the most difficult thing to do in real life, but we do it on a game. Our brain can do it, take control of your life. Don’t be a machine, be human.

That’s what I learn from a video game, simple, right?

Published by Victor Sola

From Puerto Rico. Athletic Trainer and writer in development. Love to write. If I can think about, I will write about it. Open to learn new things.

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