You are NOT A DISTRACTION, you are more than that…

For a special friend who believes is a distraction and not a special someone.

Image by Mircea Ploscar from Pixabay 

First, distraction is the act of distracting or the state of being distracted; mental confusion: by Merriam-Webster. Due to the circumstances of reality you probably think about your essence here as a distraction. Reality is that you are NOT. Based on the definition that open this paragraph, I’m not mental confused or rather distracted of what is going on. You have been an important part of working my situation out. I hope everybody that meet a situation like mine, find someone like you on their life.

It’s the way all this happen that make you believe that, and I always tell you that. Hope you understand that. I’m not trying to convince you, I want you to understand. When the destiny cross these paths it happens in a dark and difficult moment. It didn’t rush it, cross them in a kind and happy way. The incredible part is the time spent in the short time, and the quality of that time. Turns out that your time is invaluable, it can’t be measured with a value. Time like yours doesn’t have a monetary price on it to explain a possible value.

The words, advice, and happiness that you emanate from every conversation, no matter if is a short or long one. That’s something unique, I have never met someone that do it the same way. Your intelligence is something special, I admire the way you think. The capabilities of adapting to the conversation is so fluent that talk to you can go from a five minutes conversation to 3 hours call. Is the way you are. Distractions do not do that. You help to deal with the reality. It’s not an idea, is a reality.

Image by Brian Weck from Pixabay

I understand the circumstances of the parallel worlds, time changes, and other limitations, but you make it seem easy. Shortening every distance and making any obstacle easier. Distractions don’t do that. Understand that the perspective you help create is unique, nobody else creates something close to that. You open yourself to help and I let you come in this situation. Te best word to say is: Enjoy! This is a journey and you now are part of it.

Distractions do not make life changes, and do not help to solve problems. That said, you get it, you are not one. Left to say is, welcome, thank you for the tools you have taught me, and putting a way to see life from another point of view. You can stay if you want, if you want to go I understand. Don’t ask me, my response you already have it. I wish that everybody have the opportunity to find someone like you, that will be the best thing in their lives. The world will be a better place with more people like you. Thank you for everything, I hope it will be for a long time that you decide to stay.

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

For that special friend, you are not a distraction, you are a special one.

Published by Victor Sola

From Puerto Rico. Athletic Trainer and writer in development. Love to write. If I can think about, I will write about it. Open to learn new things.

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