Need to know that your dreams need a "NO" to start

I have always wanted to be a writer, but didn’t try hard enough.

Image by 【中文ID】愚木混株 【Instagram】cdd20 from Pixabay 

Every year since I started at high school, create this image of me selling a book. A simple, unique, and special book, mine. Always start it, never finish it. Through time, it went lost in my mind and in my living. Then I came up with the idea of write a book about my father stories as a taxi driver in Puerto Rico. I went on, wrote the first chapter one day, later is saved on my laptop, hanging around in my mind.

I have learned the bad way that you have to pursue your dreams, nobody cares about it, you are the one to do it. Is your dream, not theirs. To achieve it we have to learn to say NO. It has to be one of the top ten words you use in your vocabulary. Easy, once you start a project, distractions are more than ever present, in this moment you have to decide. Drinks or Dreams? You choose, nobody else, is nobody’s fault if you don’t fulfill.

Not matter what kind of dream you have, or started, you need discipline. It’s a Friday night, everybody it’s going for a drink, you don’t. You are a dreamer, and dreamers work Friday nights on their dreams. Is the difference between the author you read and you, he or she spent time working on their project and finish it. Now you have his or hers Friday nights in your hands, laptop, tablet or phone, and putting inside your head.

To be honest, I began this journey of being a writer a long time ago, but I quit. Because more important for me the drinks and friends to be part of something, and it takes me down. At the end, I found myself alone in the middle of an ocean of people. I learn that I have to stop myself of be part of something or someone, I had to start to look for people who wanted to be part of me. It open my eyes, and here I’m. Connected to that writer inside of me. For be less than a month since I started I have published a lot.

Someday I wake up with an idea on my mind, and I have to get out of the bed, open my laptop, and let the thoughts fly through my fingers. The joy it produces in me is something incredible. My challenge every day is to write something, at least one article or blog post. No matter the language, Spanish/English, it’s doesn’t matter. It has to be at least 750 words. It has been the best challenge ever. Makes me improve my English writing, but my Spanish is quicker than ever. I can write an article in English en 55 minutes, but in that time already have 2 in Spanish and with more than 1,000 words in it.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay 

How? I learned to say NO. Can’t go, I have to write. Even if I allowed myself to go out, I can always write my ideas on the cellphone. I can publish in Medium or WordPress from anywhere. No excuses allowed. A project is a project, and you have to create a compromise with you, and you have to reach it. I declared this year I will publish my first book, a poetry collection. Why this year? I have to get better, but it has to be before March. It’s a project that have been stored for years, its time to let out. The next one, finish my dad stories.

For do all these projects say Now, is the first part of accomplishment. I bet you have dreams too, what are you waiting for? Let’s go! Start already, at the end of the journey, is your pleasure and your triumph. The process is as savvy as the end. Enjoy it every day. Come on, I bet on you, you can do it. Let’s fulfill our dreams together this year.

Published by Victor Sola

From Puerto Rico. Athletic Trainer and writer in development. Love to write. If I can think about, I will write about it. Open to learn new things.

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